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The history of correctional industries in Maryland dates back to the 19th century. Maryland Correctional Enterprises (MCE), formerly State Use Industries, did not become the prison industry arm of the Maryland Division of Correction (DOC) until the early 1940’s.

The modern era of Maryland Correctional Enterprises began in 1982 when the Maryland General Assembly created the State Use Industries Act, Article 27, 680-681K, which is currently referred to in the Correctional Services Article Sections 3-501 through 3-528 of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Today, our "Learning for Life" core principles trains and employs offenders in a conglomerate of business units located in the major State prisons. Mandatory education requirements along with the development of technical and social skills have proven to improve the employability of offenders upon release. Previous studies comparing MCE inmates with the DPSCS general population inmates suggest that MCE has a positive impact on reducing recidivism. MCE's Continuing Allocation of Re-entry Services (CARES) program assists men and women to help gain employment and to provide valuable resources as they transition back into society.

In order to maintain our self-supporting status and increase the amount of training offered to our offender population, MCE is dedicated to manufacturing superior products at affordable prices along with providing a positive direct economic impact to the State of Maryland.

We can offer our customer base consisting of state and local government and non-profit organizations, a wide variety of products and services. Our products range from furniture, apparel, printing, license plates, and signage to food products, along with our many services of furniture restoration, laundry, data entry, office planning/design, mailing/distribution and agriculture.

Although MCE is not allowed to sell our products or services on the open market, under the Prison Industry Enhancement Program (PIE), we are permitted by the United States Bureau of Justice Assistance to enter into partnerships with private industry, provided several mandated requirements are met. 

In fiscal year 2018, Maryland Correctional Enterprises had revenues in excess of $55 million. We provided nearly 2.7 million hours of inmate employment/training and touched the lives of 2,620 inmates. MCE is currently ranked among the top 10 prison industry programs in the United States; ranking 8th in regards to total revenues generated and 10th in the number of  inmates employed.

MCE achieved American Correctional Association (ACA) compliance scoring 100% in 2009 and also reaccreditation in 2012, 2015, and 2019 with perfect scores while being audited on 80 standards.  This value of national accreditation allows us to continue to improve our systems and processes to enhance both our product and service quality.  Accreditation verifies that MCE operates at the highest levels of professionalism and standards of care for our inmate workers and employees.

MCE is involved in community outreach contributions preparing turkeys for the annual Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving Day dinner, feeding more than 35,000 families in need. Our laundry workers have cleaned over 13,000 bras to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. MCE workers prepare food and textiles for Special Olympics events as well as the building of dog kennels for the American's Vet Dogs organization.  All of these products and services are donated by Maryland Correctional Enterprise in an effort to help our fellow citizens.

We are involved in taking steps today for a greener tomorrow by growing and planting bay grasses to help restore the Chesapeake Bay along with the building of oyster cages that will help purify the water.  Our inmate employees have planted trees through out the State including several areas of Antietam Battlefield along with the Inter County Connector located in Montgomery County.  We also offer recycling services.

It is our goal to teach our inmate workforce the technical and ethical skills they need to obtain employment after they are released. By uniting skill and opportunity, our offender workforce is given a fresh start to build new pathways to a brighter future. Remember, when you buy from Maryland Correctional Enterprises, you're not just buying a product- you're changing a life. 


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