MCE Partners with Bea Gaddy to Help Feed the Needy

For over 25 years, MCE has partnered with Bea Gaddy Family Centers to help feed those in need in the Greater Baltimore area. Annually, MCE participants debone and cook turkeys in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Bea Gaddy for families in need. 

Preparing the turkeys begins with the drop-off of the turkeys at our Meat Plant in Hagerstown, MD. The turkeys will then be defrosted, deboned, seasoned and cooked. This year, MCE participants will prepare over 200 turkeys to feed those in need


About the Program

MCE provides a two year program in partnership with the Maryland Department of Labor (MDOL) and Hagerstown Community College to train the individuals who participate in this program.

The program consists of:


  • 288 classroom hours
  • 4,000 on the job training hours


At the completion of the program, participants receive an apprenticeship certificate. MCE continues to strive to provide workforce development, which helps prepare participants for rentry into society, by teaching them hard skills as well as soft skills, such as work ethics and team work.